The Key to Hapiness

When was the last time I had an acute conversation with someone that got to the heart of happiness and the meaning of life? I asked myself that one day while sitting alone in my office. I couldn’t remember when it was. Why was I musing thus?

I set myself the task of developing three items that might be keys to happiness and meaning. Here are the results.

The “meaning of life” is the most Googled phrase using the Google search engine. People, I thought, must really want to know about this or it would not be so vigorously searched.

Well, what could I add to the conversation? I came up with these three keys.

First, people who are truly happy are those who have found their connection with the Great Reservoir of Peace that is the Universe. They do not feel themselves adrift in a vast nothingness. They realize that the Universe is more like a consciousness than like rock and dust floating in endless space.